Xbox: scandal around wiretapping among users

Microsoft promises lots of surprises for E3

The E3 show will open its doors from June 16 to 18, 2015 and will once again be an opportunity for publishers to present their new titles, but also this time for Microsoft to make an impression by hoping to make Xbox One the the show's most popular new generation console.

Xbox One PC controller And the American firm is already mounting the pressure by indicating that several surprises would be at the rendezvous. Aaron Greenberg said: "Expect many surprises from us, but also expect us to hear a lot about games."

Good news, since it is precisely the games that are lacking on new generation consoles at present. One would have thought that a year after their respective outings, the machines have adopted their cruising speed … The situation is different and we are witnessing a period of lean cow in recent months. Certainly some AAA titles are available, but we probably hoped to witness a deluge of outings.

"If you are an Xbox fan, I think you will feel really, really, really happy with your investment. And if you are still undecided, we hope this event will be an opportunity to show you what we are capable of. bring to our games, and make you want to buy an Xbox. "

"We have ideas for doing things differently this year at E3, doing things that we haven't done yet. You will of course have to wait until we are ready to reveal all of this, but I think we're going to approach E3 differently this year and that’s something I’m very excited about. ”

In short, a lot of promises, but not a great indication of the nature of the announcements to come. Let us only hope that Microsoft will have better studied its strategy and its communication and that the firm will now be able to fulfill its promises.