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Microsoft Powerpoint

The apps signed by Microsoft are very well thought out and will satisfy them and greatly facilitate the work on tablet for others.

Microsoft Word, Excel and Power point are finally available in their final version for Android devices. Three quality applications in which the user of the most famous productivity suite in the world, Microsoft Office, will not be disoriented.

Once connected to their Microsoft or Office 365 account, the user can create a new presentation or open an available one on their device, on OneDrive or Dropbox.

The app will initially present a welcome screen allowing to create a new document (15 accessible models) as well as to access recent or available documents on its Cloud One Drive.

On a tablet, the interface is very similar to the software of the suite or to what can be found on Office Online. In editing, there are the Home, Insert, Transitions, Slideshow and Revision tabs, as well as many of the possibilities and functionalities available in the computer software; a very nice performance.

Simple and efficient, we appreciate having access to so many editing functions: Power point for Android actually allows you to work even if it obviously does not give the precision of the PC suite.

Furthermore, once saved, the document can be easily shared by the Cloud or as an attachment.