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Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony unite to fight harassment in video games

In a joint press release, Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony formalize a partnership. The goal of this rare alliance: to protect young players not only from inappropriate content, but also from risky behavior. Inform parents. Preventing incidents and condemning abuses are the three pillars of their common commitment.

nintendo microsoft sony partners

It’s the trade war between Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony to conquer the heart players (and a location next to their television). PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X or Nintendo Switch: they all three have sweet eyes. But when it comes to a more global issue, the three companies are able to put rivalries aside and work together. Especially when the subject is as serious as the protection of players. Mostly younger people.

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In a joint press release, the three companies therefore unveil an extraordinary partnership aimed at combating harassment, access to inappropriate content and any other danger linked to the use of video games. The three console makers will work with each other to create tools to protect the youngest and most vulnerable.

Inform, protect and prosecute

Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony’s plan has three parts. A component on prevention, with the implementation of tools to help parents learn and to secure their gaming platform. A second part on the fight against harassment and hatred in gaming communities. And a last shutter on collaboration with the authorities to report illegal behavior.

There are several dangers to gamers, especially children, associated with game consoles. And we are not talking about possible addiction. On the one hand, we are talking about the misuse of tools integrated into consoles for illegal activities, identity theft or scams (young people are not necessarily the only ones to be victims). And we’re also talking about harassment and the spread of inappropriate language and content.

In their press release, the three console manufacturers are aware thatthey cannot act alone. They will of course have to ally themselves with each other, but also work with other players in the gaming, IT and state security sector. It remains to be seen how this will materialize. Sony has already announced, for example, that a function makes it possible to record the exchanges of players on PS5 to detect risky behavior.