Microsoft makes peace with Samsung

Microsoft makes peace with Samsung

In a short press release, Microsoft and Samsung say they are happy to announce that they have ended their contractual dispute before the American courts. But we will not know more about the terms of the agreement which allowed to end a dispute over Android fees.

Google Android Cupcake logo Last summer, the Redmond company had decided to sue the Korean giant for the non-payment of Android royalties in connection with a license agreement signed in 2011. This stipulated that Microsoft will receive royalties for smartphones and tablets working with the Android mobile platform.

In the second half of 2013, Samsung did not pay such fees on time (they were finally paid) and refused to pay interest because of this delay. For Samsung, the announcement of the purchase of Nokia by Microsoft was a reason for breach of contract.

In 2013, Samsung paid Microsoft $ 1 billion for its sold Android products. With the hatchet buried, it is unclear how much Samsung will continue to pay for Android royalties.

Last year, the Chinese government published a list of the famous patents claimed by Microsoft. They are very wide and are used by Microsoft to force companies to sign license agreements involving the payment of royalties. The pledge not to risk a legal attack … at least if the payment takes place on time.

While Microsoft is showing more and more signs of open code, a border seems to be impossible to cross.