Microsoft invests $ 2 billion in Cruise autonomous taxis

Microsoft wants to invest in the automotive market and has signed an agreement with the Cruise company for this. This subsidiary of General Motors, which develops autonomous taxis, will be able to use the Azure platform in addition to receiving money. One way for Microsoft to expand its activities and improve its service.

Credit: Cruise

Many tech companies are investing in the automotive world in recent years. Microsoft is not left out since the Redmond firm has announced invest two billion dollars in the Cruise company. This General Motors subsidiary specializes in autonomous vehicles and should also benefit from Microsoft’s expertise.

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Indeed, Cruise will be able to use the Azure cloud computing platform of the Redmond firm to develop its fleet of autonomous vehicles. For now, the company is only in its infancy, but intends to develop its autonomous taxi service across the United States. Cruise is currently developing passenger transport services via electric vehicles without driver. A full-scale test is underway in San Francisco with the brand’s employees.

Microsoft fully launches into the automotive world

With the use of Azure and Microsoft’s investment, Cruise is now valued at $ 30 billion. This news will allow it to accelerate its deployment in the future, and also to improve its services thanks to the cloud. One way to solidify its ambitions and attract other investors in the near future.

For its part, Microsoft landed a big contract that allowed it to set foot in the automotive world. He will be able to use the data collected on his Azure platform and work on improving it. Note that the company had already invested in Wayve, a British company specializing in autonomous driving, at the end of 2020.

Microsoft is not the first tech giant to invest in the automotive world. Google and Nvidia have already been actively working in this industry for years. Apple is tempted by the segment to produce its famous Apple Car. According to current accounts, the Cupertino brand will team up with Hyundai to create a revolutionary electric car. Nothing official at the moment, but the 2024 horizon would be targeted for this project.