Microsoft Introduces Xbox Series X Controller

Microsoft has taken advantage of the revelations around its new game console to discuss a little more in depth the controller that will come with it.

It was Ryan Whitaker, senior designer and Microsoft who shared some details about the controller, which has undergone discreet but very real improvements for the new console.

Xbox Series X 01 controller

The overall design of the controller for the next Xbox will not change radically: Microsoft has announced that it has found the right balance with the controller for its Xbox One, but there should however be some changes in proportions, to make it more ergonomic, but also to address all hands: from the youngest to the oldest, including all sexes.

Xbox Series X controller

The areas around the triggers will thus be more rounded while the grip will be reworked. The directional cross will give way to a cross in a circle, like what was already offered on the Elite version of the controller to match more games and features.

Xbox Series X controller 3

The next controller will be compatible with old consoles, and vice versa, but it will also be compatible with PC, Android and iOS. The accessories of the old controllers will remain compatible thanks to the maintenance of the connection ports since ultimately, only the USB port will switch to USB-C.

Microsoft also says it has worked on latency, to keep it to a minimum. In addition, a Share button will appear to take instant screenshots.