Microsoft files the Xbox Series XS brand, a new console on the way?

Microsoft recently registered a new brand name: Xbox Series XS. An operation that could presage the arrival of a new console, although the most likely scenario is that Microsoft is simply seeking to protect its intellectual property.

Xbox Series X
Xbox Series X

Microsoft sells two new generation consoles: the Xbox Series X, offering optimal performance, and the Xbox Series S, less powerful but also less expensive. The Redmond firm filed a new brand last week in the United States: the Xbox Series XS. Does it mean that a new console would be in the cards?

For the moment, no official information has been given by the interested party concerning this deposit which took place the last week of the year 2020. It could perhaps be a new machine, scheduled for later and combining the best of the two already existing Series. A product combining performance and low price. Some even go so far as to imagine an Xbox Series X without a disc drive.

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However, the most likely scenario is that Microsoft did not register this name with the USPTO. only to cover his back. Thus, no one other than the American company will be able to legally use the name Xbox Series XS. What to prevent possible lawsuits against the smart ones diverting the original name of the console.

A new Xbox Series is bound to arrive

A new Xbox Series is bound to come at one time or another, it is obvious. Indeed, since the Xbox 360 with the Slim, Microsoft consoles welcome a new model after a few years of operation. We can cite the Xbox One X or the Xbox One S. With technological progress and the change in player behavior, in particular with the democratization of Cloud Gaming, the arrival of a new Xbox in three or four years seems logical.

As a reminder, the Xbox Series X was released on November 10, along with the Xbox Series S. Unlike Sony, Microsoft does not place its console at the center of its ecosystem, since this place is taken by the Game Pass (also available on PC and the Cloud). This does not prevent Microsoft from raising the tone against AMD to resolve the supply concerns it has faced since the start of commercialization.

Source: USPTO