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Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge

Intuitive, fast and complete, Microsoft Edge for Android is a very good web browser! It offers synchronization of favorites and allows you to continue browsing between several devices. Internet Explorer is far behind us, Microsoft has been able to restore the nobility to its web browser with a light and well thought out Android version!

Microsoft signed web browser on Android

Edge has given itself a new skin and the Android version is not to be outdone. Based on Chromium, Edge has managed to pull out of the game and get rid of the image of Internet Explorer to offer a browser as solid on PC and macOS as on smartphones and tablets on Android and iOS.

Available on devices with Android 4.4 or higher, Edge offers solid features to simplify browsing, boost productivity and enjoy the web in comfort. Here is a review of its different functions.

Microsoft Edge

Synchronization between devices

True strong point and inescapable on the references under Android that are Firefox and Chrome, the synchronization makes it possible to find its data of navigation between its smartphone, its tablet and the domestic PC. To do this, simply log into your Microsoft account on your various devices to synchronize favorites, favorite sites, playlists and identifiers.

When synchronization is activated, it is possible to continue mobile navigation to a PC or other device nearby and on the same network.

Navigation features

Edge for Android offers the possibility to save the visited and preferred sites in favorites and to manage several pages simultaneously in the form of tabs. Another practical feature and also a great classic, the mode InPrivate allows you to navigate without leaving any traces by not saving cookies, browsing history and temporary files.

About the interface, Edge has a button to access a menu to access favorites, browsing history, playlists, and temporary files. Several options are also available such as web or QR Code search, opening a new tab in classic or private browsing, voice search or even reading text aloud. However, French is not supported …

Microsoft Edge

Tools for safe and smooth navigation

With regard to online prevention, Edge for Android includes an online tracker blocker that is activated by default and which makes browsing safer and data more confidential. Via the settings menu, the user is able to choose the level of monitoring prevention with three degrees: “Basic” which authorizes the vast majority of monitoring devices, “Balanced” to block blocking tracking tools and to make the advertisements less personalized and finally the “Strict” level to let nothing pass at the risk of encountering malfunctions on certain websites.

The browser stamped Microsoft makes us happy to integrate an ad blocker called AdBlock Plus which is originally a desktop extension. However, the default options activate so-called acceptable advertisements by default without further information on why or how they would be acceptable. It is also possible to draw up a green list of sites authorized to display advertisements.

Its grip

Edge for Android could clearly be in one of our selections of the best Android web browsers. Its interface is neat, easy to use and has a dark theme to limit eye strain.

The home page is one of the regrets all the same with as sole customization, a news feed offered by Microsoft and as the only search engines, Bing, Google, Yahoo and Qwant.

Microsoft Edge

And its performance?

We tested Edge’s performance on Android using the same hardware and the same conditions as the tests carried out in our selection of the best web browsers for Android in 2020. Here are the results of the three benchmarks made and available for free on BrowserBench:

– JetStream 2: 27 878 ​​pts (script execution) – MotionMark: 15.50 pts (graphics performance) – Speedometer: 12.6 pts (fluidity of web applications)

Comparing it to the other browsers of the selection, Edge displays correct performances not and close to Firefox or Opera in certain domains like the graphic performances and the execution of scripts.