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Microsoft Edge is back on Mac

Microsoft Edge is back on Mac

Fifteen years ago, Apple opted for Safari as the default browser on its Macs, thereby blocking Internet Explorer. Microsoft today announces the return of its Edge browser to Apple computers.

Microsoft Edge will have many new features for its future versions. Its editor announces that the browser will be entitled to more frequent updates than the current time and Edge will be available from now on Windows 7 and 8, but also on macOS.

The news is surprising since fifteen years have passed since Internet Explorer on Mac was taken out of service. Long default browser, it was later replaced by Safari, the browser developed within Apple.

This gesture from the Mountain View firm translates its desire to restore its reputation to a navigator who is struggling to find his place. Formerly boosted by its default presence on Windows-equipped computers, Internet Explorer has ended up being clipped by new players on the market.

Its replacement by Edge in 2015 was not enough to take its toll on the water: the Microsoft browser won just under 6% of the market share, when the Chrome juggernaut dominated with 64% of the market share. , followed by Safari which occupies 18% of the market.

Not sure if the maneuver is enough to pull the Edge out of business. However, this will allow developers working on Mac to test their websites on the Microsoft browser.