Microsoft Edge becomes more convenient than Chrome for downloads

Microsoft continues to widen the divide with Chrome. On the Canary version of the browser, it is now possible to access downloads from the toolbar. A drop-down menu is then displayed from which the user can delete, copy or remove files downloaded or being downloaded.

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Credit: Microsof

Microsoft Edge continues slowly, but surely, to acquire new features. For the month of January 2021, the calendar is already loaded, with the arrival of vertical tabs, the deletion of cookies or the automatic detection of the default PDF reader. As reported by a user of the Canary version of Microsoft Edge (version reserved for Insiders), Microsoft recently introduced a new feature on its browser.

Indeed, it is now possible to access downloads from the toolbar. Until then, it was necessary to go to the settings by clicking on the three dots at the top right or by using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + J. No need to leave your page anymore.

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edge tools download
Credits: Reddit

Manage your downloads in a few clicks

Once the downloads tab is placed in the toolbar, just hover the mouse over the icon to display a new drop-down menu. From this menu, it is possible to manage your downloads, delete the download history and modify the various parameters related to downloads.

In the download management, the user can thus access the desired file in the destination folder, copy the download link, mark the downloaded content as unsecured, delete it or remove it from the list of downloads. As this user specifies, this option is available on the Canary version and the version of Microsoft Edge reserved for developers.

We hope that this functionality will be quickly accessible to all users. Anyway, the first users welcome the arrival of this tool, which they consider “well, much better than Chrome offers ”. In any case, this is what emerges from the opinions on Reddit. As a reminder, Edge finally allows you to synchronize tabs and history between all devices. This feature, already present on Chrome and Safari, was sorely lacking in Microsoft’s browser paraphernalia.

Source: Reddit

edge tools download
Credits: Reddit