Microsoft buries Patch Tuesday and tackles Android

Microsoft buries Patch Tuesday and tackles Android

Patch Tuesday had become an institution. An unofficial name that Microsoft does not appreciate but stems from the fact that every second Tuesday of each month, patches and security patches are released to Windows users.

The next Patch Tuesday is scheduled for May 12 and will affect some 858 million devices equipped with Windows via Windows Update. With Windows 10, Microsoft will practically bury Patch Tuesday.

The announcement is still unclear at this point, but Terry Myerson, vice president of Operating Systems at Microsoft, said during the keynote at the Microsoft Ignite conference: " We are not going to provide all the updates to all users on a big day of the month. "

The Microsoft official has mentioned distribution rings or other so-called channels like those that Windows 10 testers experience with one Fast and another Slow channel. With these distribution rings, users can choose to receive updates without waiting or by waiting a little longer.

Updates will not necessarily be security updates but also new features promised throughout the month.

This announcement regarding Windows 10, Windows Update and indirectly the end of Patch Tuesday in its current form preceded that of Windows Update for Business. Previously, Terry Myerson did not resist tackling Google and Android.

He stated : " Google sends a large pile of… code and leaves you exposed (note: security risks) without making any commitment on updating your device (note: Android) "The expression" a lot of … code "with an intentionally marked break had little effect on the audience.


Until now, it was mainly Apple who used such tackles against Google and an underlying criticism of the fragmentation of Android.