Microsoft blocks access to games outside Russia

Revealed for the first time last month, Halo Online presents itself as a multiplayer oriented FPS which is currently reserved for Russian players. The title, developed by Saber Interactive and Innova Systems, uses an improved version of the Halo 3 graphics engine to design this title.

Halo OnlineIn order to overcome the territorial limitation, modders have designed a solution known as " El Dorito ", allowing all players to be able to test the current version of Halo Online. However, Microsoft reacted quickly to this initiative, by blocking access to the mod arranged on Github.

A spokesperson for the US publisher recently spoke to the Gamespot site about this, noting that "We are delighted with the interest outside russia", and specifying that "The Halo Online beta is a PC experience designed specifically with the tastes, technology, and infrastructure of the Russian market and, moreover, is still in an underdeveloped state". He added :

"We want to ensure a quality experience for participants based in Russia, which could be impacted by unauthorized use."

In parallel, the team of modders behind the "El Dorito" project told the TorrentFreak site that several backups of their mod are preserved and synchronized on several public and private servers, in order to always have a working copy to communicate to the players.

Also, Microsoft will have a lot to do if it intends to try to completely remove the traces of this mod.