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Microsoft: a seduction operation for iOS developers

Microsoft: a seduction operation for iOS developers

Microsoft offers a new development kit (SDK), intended for iOS developers. As amazing as it may seem, the Redmond company wants to encourage developers to use the offer Azure of Microsoft, which allows you to create mobile applications regardless of the platform.

Microsoft seems to hold much hope in the development of cloud-based applications. This availability of the Windows Azure development kit for iOS follows a week of the release of another SDK to integrate Bing, the search engine, into iOS applications. So it seems that Microsoft is opening up a little more to other platforms, a strategy aimed at showing that they are not only focused on the Windows Phone, which thus passes for a viable platform in terms of development.

Note that the development kit for Azure integration will be available for Android sometime in June. It will therefore be easier to release an application simultaneously on several platforms (Windows Phone, iPhone and Android).

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