Micro purchase: avoid back-to-school traps

Micro purchase: avoid back-to-school traps

What are laptops worth less than 500 €?

Image 1: Buying a microphone: avoid the back-to-school trapsAs every year, manufacturers display their appeal products on the occasion of the start of the school year. Designed to attract consumers, they are only available in very limited quantities so that the customer can quickly be directed to more expensive devices.

In the case of laptops, the very first prices are below the 400 € mark like the Acer eMachines E525-572G16Mi displayed at 369 € at Auchan. Are there good deals at such low prices? For everyday office use, they meet demand. Articulated around Intel Celeron processors, these laptops are equipped at least and will never be war thunderbolts.

These first prices that can be found at Auchan, Rueducommerce or Carrefour, all display substantially identical configurations. Only the brands and the design change. The size of the hard drive may vary slightly but the trend remains at 160 GB of internal storage. They all offer 2 GB of RAM, the minimum to run Windows Vista.

In fact, it is often the finish and autonomy that sins on such machines. With a few euros more, we tend to limit bad hinges and peeling screens.

Choose 15 inches

Image 2: Micro purchase: avoid back-to-school trapsThe real entry level is rather around 500 €. Computers are more versatile and offer components that will be less quickly obsolete than those of a PC for less than 400 €.

Many computers that make up this range are displayed at € 499. For this price, we have two sizes of computers that coexist: the 15.6 inches and the 17 inches.

Side size, if you have to choose, it is better to put € 500 in a 15.6 inch machine than 17 inches. With such a diagonal, the computer goes from portable (2.5 kg) to transportable (more than 3 kg). If a 17 inch seems interesting for watching movies, the quality of the panel will not be excellent for this price.

Centered around a Pentium Dual Core T4200 processor, Toshiba laptops, Packard Bell or even other models from Acer in 15.6 inch format are more interesting than an Acer Aspire 7535G, a 17 inch AMD sold 499 € at Auchan.

The 500 € laptops are intended for office applications. Velocity and autonomy are to be preferred. The Toshiba L300, Packard Bell MH36 or even Acer 5738Z are good examples.