Beyond Good & Evil 2 would be a temporary exclusion on Nintendo Switch

Michel Ancel evokes him in pictures

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Studied for many years, the second part of the Beyond Good & Evil franchise resurfaces through Michel Ancel, its original creator, by means of a publication on his Instagram account.

First announced in 2008, Beyond Good & Evil 2 remains mysterious 8 years later. Indeed, the continuation of the Ubisoft franchise is slow to reveal itself to the public, even though Yves Guillemot – CEO of Ubisoft – recently declared that the title is still in development.

Beyond Good and Evil 2 "width =" 160 "height =" 160Ubisoft France's Twitter account freshly published the link to Michel Ancel's Instagram account, aiming to highlight its first publication. It is a artwork showing a bearded man with a little pig on his back.

The French designer's comment highlights "Somewhere in System 4 … Thank you Ubisoft for making this possible! ", knowing that System 4 is the name of the universe of the first Beyond Good & Evil.

In view of the image, it would seem that the pig turns out to be Pey'j, Jade's partner in the first opus. This indication raises the hypothesis that this sequence could potentially be a prequel. Case to follow.