Mi Watch Lite: Xiaomi unveils its connected watch with GPS tracker and 9 days of autonomy

Xiaomi has unveiled the Mi Watch Lite, its new connected watch that is more accessible than its standard version, released earlier this year. On the program: 9 days of autonomy, a 1.4 ”screen and 11 sports disciplines available. The Chinese manufacturer has not yet released a price, but it should align with that of the Mi Watch.

Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite

Xiaomi’s Mi Watch now has a little sister: the Mi Watch Lite. The Chinese manufacturer today unveiled its new connected watch sport-oriented. This one is equipped with a touch screen 1.4 ” with a resolution of 320 × 320 pixels. Thanks to its integrated sensor, the latter adapts its brightness depending on its environment. More than 120 customizable interfaces are available, while the watch lets you choose what information to display on the screen.

The whole is supported by a 230 mAh battery who offers 9 days of autonomy, according to the manufacturer, against the 16 days of autonomy allowed by the Mi Watch. The latter is recharged in two o’clock once completely emptied. The watch is also equipped with a GPS tracker accompanied by GLONASS (global satellite navigation system, the Russian technology that allows tracking) of a barometer and a pedometer.

The Mi Watch Lite measures activity across 11 disciplines

In total, these are 11 sports training sessions which are supported by the connected watch: running, indoor and outdoor cycling, treadmill running, sea and pool swimming, freestyle, cricket, trekking, hiking and walking. The Mi Watch Lite also measures sleep, heart rate and breathing of its user, with a view to stress management. Finally, it is possible to receive calls, texts and notifications. Music, weather and phone tracker apps are also installed.

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We do not yet know the release date of the connected watch or its price. Nevertheless, the latter should adapt to that of the Mi Watch, namely 129.99 euros. Both watches will probably be launched on the European market during the same period, i.e. first quarter 2021. The Mi Watch Lite is available in five colors of bracelet: pink, ivory, black, navy blue and olive.

Source: Xiaomi