Mi 11: Xiaomi ridicules the iPhone 12 Pro Max in a WiFi bandwidth test

Xiaomi touts the WiFi 6 bandwidth of the Mi 11 in a benchmark video in which we can see the brand comparing the speed of the latest smartphone to that of the iPhone 12 Pro Max. It must be said from the outset that the Mi 11 is compatible with the WiFi 6E standard while the iPhone 12 Pro Max is currently only compatible with the WiFi 6 standard.

Xiaomi Mi 11 Jex

The latest iPhones are still important benchmarks for smartphone brands. There are objective reasons for this: even if the market shares of iPhones are still far below those of Android smartphones, Apple alone still represents a quarter of the market. It is also the brand which, symbolically at least, knew revolutionize the smartphone sector.

However, the iPhone did not necessarily always have everything from the functional point of view. But Apple has been able to select the essentials, and refine the user experience to deliver a harmonious, predictable, and easy-to-use package that still continues to stand out. The latest iPhone 12s are no different from the first: they don’t have all the “latest tips” offered by the competition.

The Xiaomi Mi 11 WiFi 6E connection is indeed very fast, but …

Xiaomi recalls this in its last video. The brand compares the WiFi 6 bandwidth of the Xiaomi Mi 11 with that of the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Both smartphones were for this placed at an equal distance from a 6E WiFi router of the brand, the Xiaomi AX6000. And the result is clear: whatever the distance, the Xiaomi Mi 11 has twice the WiFi bandwidth. There is, however, it should be noted, a little trick.

While the iPhone 12 Pro Max and the Xiaomi Mi 11 are both WiFi 6 compatible smartphones, the Xiaomi smartphone is the only one that is truly compatible with the WiFi 6E (Extended) standard. However, the fact that the connection is faster in WiFi 6E is not surprising. WiFi 6E is a variation of the WiFi 6 standard which simply adds additional frequencies beyond 6 GHz. Frequencies whose use is not yet free everywhere, especially in Europe and France.

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The ANFR has just, on December 17, 2020, adopted a “European harmonization framework for the 6 GHz band for WiFi”. Suffice to say that this feat has therefore, for some time to come, a fairly limited interest for European consumers….