Mi 11: Xiaomi removes charger from the box after mocking Apple

Lei Jun, the boss of Xiaomi, announces in a message posted on Weibo that the box of the Mi 11 will not integrate a charger, like the iPhone 12 from Apple. This message was released just two months after making fun of the Cupertino company on social networks. Xiaomi is not the only brand to fall victim to short memory, as Samsung will do the same with the Galaxy S21.

xiaomi mi 11 charger removes

Brands have short memories. But the fans, no. And neither do we. We still remember very well that some smartphone manufacturers made fun of Apple last October. Two brands have particularly supported where it hurts: Samsung and Xiaomi. You can find here our article on the mocking post of the Korean firm. And you can find here the one about the Chinese brand.

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The reason for these mockeries? The Cupertino company has decided to remove the charger from the boxes of all iPhone 12. Whether it is the 5 watt charger that you find in the iPhone 11 or SE 2020, or the 18 watt charger present in the packaging of the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max (these are the first and the last). The official reason for this change: reduce carbon footprint, plastic use and waste.

We laugh and then we do the same

Two weeks ago, we reported in our columns that Samsung was deleting its mocking Twitter post. A few days later, the Brazilian certification body announced that the future flagship of the Korean firm would not be accompanied by a power adapter. Thus, Samsung would have made the same decision as Apple. And it won’t be the only brand, since Xiaomi will do the same with the Mi 11.

Indeed, Lei Jun posted on his Weibo account a message explaining that the AC adapter will also be deleted here. The official reasons for this change are obviously ecological. The boss announces that he will explain himself at greater length on this decision during the conference that Xiaomi is organizing today (and during which a new version of MIUI will logically be unveiled). Note also that the presentation of the Mi 11 is scheduled tomorrow, December 28, 2020.

However, we can’t help but remember that Xiaomi explained that it was able to reduce the use of plastic in its smartphone packaging by 60% without needing to remove this accessory. What happened in the meantime? Mystery. However, let’s pay tribute to Xiaomi: his mocking post has not been removed from social networks, unlike that of Samsung. At least not yet.

Source: Weibo