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Météo-France 5.2.2

Meteo France offers an intuitive, comprehensive application rich in various forecasts. We particularly appreciate the notifications in case of vigilance alerts, the management of favorites and a sober and elegant ergonomics. Without a doubt, one of the best weather apps on Android!

First-class weather service

Responsible for French weather forecasts, Meteo France is an official public body which offers an application for Android. The latter notably allows access to weather forecasts according to the geolocation of the device.

The search function allows you to consult the forecasts by time of day, for the next few days and according to precipitation. The user is also informed in the event of vigilance alerts according to the department.

Sharp forecasts

In addition to the forecasts for the week and according to the regions, Meteo France provides mountain forecasts, beach forecasts and special marine bulletins. Forecasts for the overseas regions are also available.

The application also offers a satellite view and precipitation for France and for the last hours. The organization also makes available a daily image of a major meteorological event in the world.

Personalized service

The app Meteo France for Android tablets and smartphones, you can also add favorite cities to find the forecast you want at a glance. The user can also be alerted in real time via a notification in the event of any vigilance alerts.