Messenger in standalone web version

Last month, Facebook made Messenger an application platform and the possibility for developers to offer applications that interact and complement the functionality of this instant messaging.

Today, Facebook Messenger is no longer just a mobile application adopted by more than 600 million users, but also a Web application. This adaptation to the Web is done independently of the social network itself.

The web application can thus be seen as an alternative to messaging integrated into the social network to focus only on conversations and avoid distractions such as the news feed.


We will find there a functioning similar to the mobile application. At Messenger.com, the deployment first concerns users with the English language. Deployment in other languages ​​is announced for the coming weeks.

For those who are impatient, there is a tip. It consists of adding "t" or "login" to the address https://messenger.com (https://messenger.com/t or https://messenger.com/login) in order to have and already have access to Messenger in the web browser.