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Messenger: how to display hidden messages filtered by Facebook – Tech

Messenger: how to display hidden messages filtered by Facebook - Tech

Did you know for example that there are very well hidden discussions on Facebook Messenger? If you did not know the filtered messages, here is how to access them.

On Facebook, you have the opportunity to chat in public with your loved ones or with strangers by writing on their pages or below their publications or yours. In short, it is a rather simple publication and comment system. To find really private private messages, you just have to go through Messenger, the company's instant chat software that is available on the web (dekstop version) and on mobile (iOS and Android).

But did you know that Messenger does not necessarily display all the messages that are sent to your inbox? There are indeed those addressed by your contacts and which arrive quite normally in your unread mail, but also the electronic messages of other people who try to contact you, sometimes for years, without you knowing anything!

Messenger v4 // Source: Facebook

Unless you are a Facebook Messenger power user and know all of its functions at your fingertips, it is possible that you have never been confronted with the page of filtered messages. This section is not really a novelty, but it must be admitted that its path is not the most convenient especially if you do not spend your time on Messenger.

So here is a fairly brief guide showing you how to display these filtered messages according to your point of entry: the Facebook website, that of Messenger and the mobile application.

  • Click on Messenger tab.
  • A window appears: select Invitations, then View all in Messenger. Direct LURL is here.
  • At the bottom of the left list, click on View Filter Conversations. The direct URL is this address.
  • The list of filter conversations is displayed.
  • By choosing one of them, this opens a dedicated window at the bottom of the site, like a classic conversation, this near that you have the possibility to answer, therefore to validate the contact, or to delete the message.

Regarding Facebook Messenger, the process is similar to that for the web version of Facebook. Only interface and layout elements change.

The interface with the Messenger website.

You can also view these filtered messages from your smartphone application. Launch it and click on Unread Invitations at the top. In the middle of the list, before thesuggested contacts,you will find the Filtered Messages option.

Article originally published on March 2, 2018

Crdit photo from the front page: CC Krlis Dambrns

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