Messages replaces iChat - Belgium-iPhone

Messages replaces iChat – Belgium-iPhone

In order to limit the number of programs used by Mac owners, Apple replaces iChat with Messages, which thus combines iChat and iMessage under one roof. The app is available now for download and allows you to send free compatible messages to all iDevices while improving the quality of photos and videos and maintaining support for several other types of messaging such as Yahoo and Google Talk.

The app can be retrieved here and allows Apple to extend its Messages service on Mac to make it fully compatible with iOS devices (iPad, Iphone, iPod). All iChat options remain, but the application has better features and is above all fully compatible with other iDevices. Thus, the sending of images and videos is done in better conditions. For the rest, the app is compatible with Google Talk, Yahoo, AIM, iMessage and Jaber, it is possible to make video calls, start a conversation on your iPad and then continue it on your Mac or iPhone, and above all to communicate for free between iDevices. The system is currently in beta and should therefore evolve very soon.

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