Message informative for our readers

Message informative for our readers

Maybe over time some information has settled, maybe still the principle of "I can say what I want I'm behind my notch" has contaminated many of our readers, so in doubt we will do a little reminder for the website AndroidPIT but also for the comments and the forum.

The horizons of the ditorial line – more new today

The name of the site contains the term Android. It is useless to recall it in comment on every article about Apple, we are well aware. If AndroidPIT was originally created to talk about Android, things (and the market) have since changed: the focus is on new technologies in general and no longer on Android specifically. Rest assured, Android remains our area of ​​choice.

The director of AndroidPIT, Fabien, announced this change of editorial line in his article at the end of last year. It seems that this information has not been well understood (or even read) because questions on the subject come back very regularly by private message or comment, so we hope that this reminder will better anchor the information: AndroidPIT n ' is no longer a site dedicated only to Android. The name is misleading, the leaders of AndroidPIT are aware of it, and a change of name is also the study.

AndroidPIT smart home android man 0721
The connected home is one of the new topics we are dealing with. AndroidPIT by Irina Efremova

Apple also has a place in our editorial line

The bulk of the AndroidPIT community is made up of Android fans. Some of them see the world of smartphones in a very manic way and, apparently, have a very negative view that tech newspapers (and not just AndroidPIT) talk about the apple firm. AndroidPIT now covering smartphones as a whole, it goes without saying that we also cover the universe of Apple.

We are aware that if these articles attract a lot of readers, they do not intrude (sweet euphemism) necessarily all the members of our community. Fortunately, we are writing articles on Android every day, so fans of this system should find something to eat. What is interesting is that they do not see any problem what is written on the new series Netflix or connected watches under Tizen, Apple seems to be a taboo subject.

AndroidPIT iphone xs thumbnail box
Why so much hatred? AndroidPIT

On the other hand, you are of course free to criticize the substance of the articles. You may disagree with our authors, you may even disagree with our new editorial line, but if you want to express your opinion there is a (simple) rule to respect:

Courtesy is required

We are on the internet, of course, but there is a minimum of rules to take into account. As in real life, you have to learn how to communicate with diplomacy and courtesy, two points that some commentators sometimes miss. Recently, a user attacked one of our writers with various insults as she "published an Apple article on an Android site". The statements made, as well as some of the reactions that we note from time to time, are sometimes totally exaggerated. Our site is certainly a space of communication and exchange but verbal aggression simply for a disagreement is not tolerated. Without being insulting, the tone of some comments is sometimes condescending: keep in mind that denouncing what is problematic is one thing, the way to do it is another.

We have also seen more and more tension between some commentators. This must stop, not only does it annoy many users but especially it does not advance anything. Users who have diffrends are free to treat privately, dirty laundry in public will now be removed automatically. We do not want to do the police but we will do it when it is necessary.

We are aware that AndroidPIT and its writers also have some responsibility for some of these problems. Unfortunately, we sometimes make mistakes in form and substance, and when that happens, you are right to point it out. On the other hand, here again it is important to remember that these are articles and not the use of nuclear power, so a minimum of hindsight, tact and politeness is required. Please take this into account when addressing our editors and users. And thank you for leaving our moms away from these stories!

Thank you for your understanding and thank you for your loyalty.

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