MEGA deletes 95,000 accounts for copyright infringement in 2020

MEGA, the popular 87 billion file cloud storage platform, has just released its 2020 Transparency Report. This year, MEGA teams claim to have deleted 95,000 accounts for copyright infringement.

mega transaparence report
Credit: MEGA

If you’ve been surfing the Internet for a few years now, you probably know MEGA. If not, know that MEGA is one of the cloud storage platforms and one of the most popular sites on the planet. To give you an idea, MEGA now has a trifle of 87 billion files registered in its servers.

In fact, to say that the platform is regularly assailed with requests from rights holders to withdraw content. In September 2020, MEGA had recorded no less than 1,993 million withdrawal requests on the part of the beneficiaries. It might sound like a lot, but it’s not much compared to the amount of files hosted on the platform.

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Decrease in withdrawal requests

During the year 2020, the total number of removed links and files reached only 0.0006% of the total files saved by the site. MEGA is also pleased with its figures, arguing that the percentage of links and files recorded that do not violate copyright are much more numerous.

The number of unique withdrawal requests submitted represents a very small percentage of the total number of files stored on MEGA. In the third quarter of 2020 (ndlr: from August to October 2020 at MEGA), the removed links represented 0.0004% of the 84 billion files uploaded to MEGA’s servers ”, details the site in its report.

mega report 2020
Credit: MEGA

Nowadays, MEGA teams were forced to ban 95,000 accounts. The owners were all repeat offenders, who had repeatedly shared copyrighted files. As a reminder, MEGA was created in 2012 after the closure of Megaupload by the courts.

MEGAo offers features similar to those offered by Dropbox or Google Drive. Although designed as a personal storage solution, users can also send files to third parties via encrypted links. In fact, some users do not hesitate to store and distribute files protected by copyright, such as movies, music, video games, etc. In 2014, the question of the closure of MEGA in France arose, following an Italian court decision. The deputies never finally found the loophole to take action against MEGA.

Source: Torrent Freak