Mega and Kim Dotcom's secure Skype

Mega and Kim Dotcom's secure Skype

This project has been in Mega's pipes since early 2013. The year 2014 has passed and it has still not seen the light of day even if it has given signs of life. A full-scale test took place at an event organized by Kim Dotcom in September in Auckland with the participation of journalist Glen Greenwald, Julian Assange of WikiLeaks and former NSA analyst Edward Snowden.

These last two intervened via videoconference and we can see in the video below the Mega logo affixed on the retransmission of Edward Snowden (from 1:00:00). He thus used the Skype system to which Kim Dotcom refers as MegaChat.

On Twitter, the instigator of Mega – who perfectly masters the art of buzz – said earlier this week that MegaChat will be the opportunity to say goodbye to Skype and will soon offer a fully encrypted communication service for instant messaging and video calls, all within the web browser.

He adds that the service will offer the exchange of files with high transfer speeds and writes: " No US-based online service provider is trustworthy with your data. Skype has no choice. They have to provide backdoors to the US government "For this statement, Kim Dotcom found inspiration in the documents leaked by Edward Snowden.

A launch by Mega is currently scheduled for early 2015. Mega talks about instant messaging, an email service, calls and a video conference service, obviously highlighting encrypted communication.

Mega-call-videoIn November 2013, Mega also hinted at exchanging files and folders for users and mentioned real-time chat with OTR support. An Off-the-Record protocol which we have just learned resists spying from the NSA.