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Me, Ugly and Naughty: Minion Rush

Me, Ugly and Naughty: Minion Rush takes up the universe of the film with its humor and its yellow characters, in a running game supplemented with mini-games. Overall neat and fun, the game will appeal to fans of the film. For the others, it remains bland with many repetitions in terms of gameplay.

Derived from the animated film “Me, Wicked and Wicked”, Gameloft signs a game available on iOS and Android platforms.

Me, Ugly and Naughty: Minion Rush accumulates a running game where you play a Minion whose goal is (depending on the level) to achieve certain objectives: collect bananas, commit mischief, make combos … In multiple settings: Laboratory Gru, Residential area, El Macho hideout, Minions Beach etc. And mini games.

Scattered between these different stages of the mini-games thus make their appearance: play as a Mega Minion, ride a unicorn, pilot the rocket of Gru … In short, a set which recalls the fun universe of the film.

Several passages use the smartphone gyroscope function, in addition to the classic movements to control your character with your fingers: which is rather pleasant.

Note that some content is chargeable, and that “an additional download of 50 to 150 MB is required to play this game” (from the first use of the game). An internet connection is also essential.