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Materials for the iTV already delivered?

Materials for the iTV already delivered?

The iTV never stops talking about it. The rumor of a television produced by Apple returns on the carpet today following the remarks of an analyst, who affirms to have wind of the delivery of materials being used for the production of a television made in Apple. The product is expected to go into production in May – June for an expected end of year release.

Analyst Peter Misek says he heard about the delivery of various components that will be used in the production of an iTV. He gets his information from the Asian production chains, which he would have visited recently. According to him, Apple plans to produce 2.5 million iTVs in May – June next year, with a planned release later this year. All of this remains of course taken with giant tweezers, insofar as no information is official and the rumor of an iTV has been following us for many months without Apple leaking any detail of this so mysterious product …

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(Source: BusinessInsider)