Elite Dangerous

Mass Effect, Dragon Age 4, Perfect Dark: all the announcements of the Game Awards 2020

The Game Awards 2020 took place tonight. This ceremony, the equivalent of the video game Oscars, saw The Last of Us 2 crowned game of the year 2020. Numerous announcements were also made between two awards ceremonies. A new Mass Effect has been unveiled, as has a new Perfect Dark game. Dozens of titles have shown themselves in this way.

Elite Dangerous
Elite Dangerous: Odyssey, shown at the ceremony

The Game Awards ceremony has become very important for the video game industry. This is the opportunity to award prizes to titles that marked the past year, but also to announce the hits of the following year! The 2020 edition took place last night and was an excellent vintage.

Unsurprisingly, The Last of Us 2 won the coveted Game of the Year award, ahead of DOOM Eternal, Ghost of Tsushima or Final Fantasy VII Remake. The game of Naughty Dog also received – among others – the award for best adventure game but also for best acting performance thanks to Laura Bailey in the role of Abby. In total, he won seven statuettes.

For the rest of the list, we can cite Ghost of Tsushima awarded in the category of best artistic direction, Final Fantasy 7 Remake which obtains the prize for best music or even Among Us crowned best multiplayer game. The full list of winners can be found on the official Game Awards website.

Multiple announcements

The Game Awards look more and more like the perfect excuse to advertise a whole bunch of games. The 2019 edition had surprised, since it was the moment that Microsoft had chosen to unveil its Xbox Series X. 2020 is not left out, however, large blockbusters have been shown, but also more confidential games. A quick overview of the most important announcements of the night.

Mass Effect

This is THE trailer for the ceremony: Mass Effect. Bioware has indeed unveiled a short teasing showing the Earth after the events of the first three games. This new adventure will therefore resume the story of the original trilogy and does not seem to have any connection with Andromeda. We do not know anything else about this title, nor even its name. At present, it is simply called “The Next Mass Effect”.

Dragon Age 4

We stay at Bioware with a cinematic dedicated to Dragon Age 4. Already announced for several years, the game has been discreet since. This time, he really shows himself through a beautiful video. We can see Solas, a character known to fans, unveiling his plan for the future. No gameplay footage, unfortunately.

Perfect Dark

The license returns from the dead for a new adventure! Here again we have the right to a beautiful cutscene, but no gameplay image to eat. It will be an Xbox exclusive.

Century: Age of Ashes

Century: Age of Ashes is a brand new license. The title will offer players the opportunity to compete in epic dragon-back battles. It won’t be long to play it, since it will arrive in February 2021.

The Callisto Protocol

This is a brand new survival horror set in a science fiction universe. From the makers of Dead Space.

Crimson desert

Originally thought of as an MMORPG in the Black Desert Online universe, Crimson Desert has been quiet for many months, but it returned with a bang during the ceremony. The title has been redesigned from scratch, since it is now a single player adventure game. The trailer gives it a false Red Dead Redemption air in a Heroic Fantasy universe.

Elite Dangerous Odyssey

The august space game released in 2014 will welcome its second major expansion: Odyssey. It will allow players to get off their ships to travel the planets on foot. Shooting phases will also be present. Enough to take us back for hundreds of hours of exploration.


Presented as a PS5 exclusive, Returnal had already shown in the past. This time, we see a little more on the gameplay side. It looks very nervous.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Gates of Oblivion

New expansion for The Elder Scrolls Online MMORPG! This time the title will bring us to Oblivion, which is the equivalent of hell in the game world. An expansion that echoes the title Oblivion released in 2006.

Back 4 Blood

The creators of Left 4 Dead will make it, their third episode, but it will be called Back 4 Blood. Announced years ago, the game has finally shown itself in phases of gameplay. We are on familiar ground.

Open Roads

It is here a narrative game from Annapurna Interactive, which will be in the tradition of What Remains of Edith Finch or of Gone Home.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Nintendo’s fighting game will welcome a new fighter starting this month. He is a distinguished guest: Sephiroth, the villain of Final Fantasy 7. A little surprising arrival, given that Cloud, hero of the same game, is already present. We can already hear the fans sigh “oh no, another swordsman…”.

Among Us

The ultra popular multiplayer title is going to have the right to a brand new card: The Airship. New layout, new tasks, several levels, it promises to change the game while keeping what makes the parties salt. It will arrive in early 2021.

Ruined King

League of Legends will decline in a new spin-off: Ruined King. This is a turn-based RPG that takes place in the same universe as the MOBA. The fans will be delighted.

There have been plenty of other games, known and not, that made it to the Game Awards, like Humakind, SoulStorm, Warhammer Darktide, Nier Replicant or Ark 2. A ceremony rich in events which also took advantage of the absence of large shows this year to attract studios. And you, which game are you most waiting for in the list? Tell us in the comments !