Martin Scorcese promotes Siri

Martin Scorcese promotes Siri

In its latest commercial, Apple highlights the famous director Martin Scorcese who plays the role of a busy businessman and the overloaded agenda in a taxi. Fortunately for him, the latter can rely on Siri, the voice assistant built into the iPhone 4S.


less than three months from the arrival of the next iPhone model, Apple continues to promote Siri, the voice assistant built into the iPhone 4S (and soon in the new iPad thanks to iOS 6). And to praise the merits of this functionality, it is the director Martin Scorcese who was chosen this time to embody a businessman in a hurry and the busy schedule. Finding himself in a taxi and undergoing traffic jams, the famous director spends his time questioning Siri about his agenda. An entertaining commercial that should not succeed in reconciling iPhone 4S users who believe that this functionality is still unreliable.

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The new advertising spot: