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Marketplace: how to sell your business on Facebook?

Are you a fan of classified ad sites but find it hard to spot good deals near you? What if you looked on Facebook? There is an essential section to select the right plans close to your home!

Selling on Facebook Marketplace

From time to time, you will see advertisements for items sold by your friends on Facebook. They go up in your thread and you wonder how to do the same. It’s very simple, as simple as on the Vinted or Le bon coin applications.

To get started, go to the main Facebook screen. Then, in the left column, click on Marketplace.

Facebook Marketplace access

Once on the page Marketplace, click on the blue button Sell ​​an item :

Sell ​​an item on Facebook

Then select the category of the object you want to sell:

categories Facebook Marketplace

Take care of your ads before publishing them

For the description, try to be complete and concise. Don’t say too much, don’t lie about the goods and try to give useful details. For example for a garment, in addition to the brand, put the size, the material, the possible wear and the washing methods accepted.

article description Facebook Marketplace

Once your ad has been read, press following.

Validate Facebook Marketplace article

Finally and very interesting, Facebook allows you to choose the audience with which you want to publish your ad. In this way, you can both reach a more qualified audience while avoiding spamming your family and loved ones.

choose Facebook Marketplace audience

Once the group (s) has been chosen, all you have to do is click on Publish to put your ad online.

Note, unlike sales made on Le bon coin or Rakuten (ex-Priceminister), Facebook does not act as a payment intermediary. It therefore does not offer any guarantee in the event of a problem.