Mario Kart Live Home Circuit Nintendo Switch: where to buy it at the best price

September 2020 marks the 35th anniversary of Super Mario, which was released on September 13, 1985 on NES. To celebrate this event, Nintendo presented a slew of new features including the release of a new game on Nintendo Switch: Mario Kart Live Home Circuit, available in two editions: Mario and Luigi. Announced for pre-order on September 7, 2020, it has been available since October 16, 2020. We take stock of the merchants who offer the game to get it at the best price.

Mario Kart Live Home Circuit Mario and Luigi pre-orders

💰Where to buy Mario Kart Live Home Circuit cheaper on the internet?

After announcing the opening of pre-orders of Super Mario 3D All-Stars limited edition, the arrival of a Game & Watch Super Mario Bros., During the Super Mario Bros. 35th Anniversary Direct, Nintendo unveiled a new game available October 16 exclusively on Nintendo Switch: Mario Kart Live Home Circuit available in two editions, Mario and Luigi.

This game allows you to play in augmented reality, that is to say, create physical circuits in your living room and face you with mini kartings delivered with the game. unprecedented experience to date ! Here is the list of merchants who offer the game to one starting price of 99 €.

🆚Mario Kart Live Home Circuit: what are the differences between the Mario and Luigi edition?

The two editions are identical, except the cover which changes and the replica of the kart included. Logically we find that of Mario in the Mario pack and that of Luigi in the Luigi edition. This replica is delivered with a mini karting which embeds a camera in order to transmit live your gaming sessions on your Nintendo Switch.

The kart really reacts to the objects and bonuses that dot the circuit: it accelerates when a mushroom is used, and is stopped dead when it is for example hit by a shell. With each their console and kart, even play up to 4 players in local multiplayer. Below, the presentation video.