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MAME Emulator available on the App Store

MAME Emulator available on the App Store

The emulators do not generally last long on the App Store, when they manage to slip in … Needless to say, this MAME Emulator should interest some with its interface and the possibilities it offers.

Available for free on the App Store, MAME Emulator is a quality emulator delivered in bundle with nine ROMS. In addition to Circus, Crash, Hard Hat, Fire One, Robot Bowl, Side Track, Spectar, Star Fire and Targ, players will of course be able to use their own ROMs without the need for a jailbreak. In total, this represents thousands of games that you can potentially play, and this completely free. The whole benefits from a quality graphic realization with a well thought out interface which plays on the nostalgic fiber …

The surprising news comes from the fact that Apple has apparently allowed this app to appear on the App Store, unless it is a mistake. Considering the previous fights of the brand against the emulators, it is therefore better to quickly get your hands on it!

Source: Modmyi

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