Making silly promises on Youtube can cost $ 1 million

Making silly promises on Youtube can cost $ 1 million

Image 1: Making silly promises on Youtube can cost $ 1 million

Ryan Leslie, an American rapper, has just lost a million dollars. It is the sum that the American justice orders him to yield to a German fifties.

The story begins in 2010. During the artist’s European tour, one of his travel bags is stolen from Cologne (Germany). He lost his personal effects, his passport or even $ 10,000. But now, it also contains laptop and external hard drive by Ryan Leslie.

According to him, the missing data is invaluable. In the hope of recovering them, he first offered a reward of $ 20,000 to whom he would return his computer and hard drive. The proposal does not seem attractive enough, nobody shows up. That’s when the artist goes into high gear and offers a million dollars in a video posted on YouTube on November 6, 2010.

This time, the operation is bearing fruit. Armin Augstein, a 54-year-old German man sends him computer equipment. He would have found him on a bench while he was walking his dog. This German still thinks he will touch the million dollars promised.

For his part, Ryan Leslie announces that he refuses to pay. For him, “invaluable” information is no longer on his hard drives. Not wanting to drop such a beautiful fish, Armin Augstein goes to court. The verdict just fell at the end of last week. The American rapper is ordered to honor the promised reward.

Ryan Leslie’s Promise