[Màj] Windows 10: will be released on July 29 and we know the price

[Màj] Windows 10: will be released on July 29 and we know the price

Image 1: [Màj] Windows 10: will be released on July 29 and we know the price

June 2 update:If the release date of Windows 10 does not change (the OS will still be available from July 29, 2015), it seems that its price has been raised. Or at least that the prices announced by Newegg were not really exact. So depending on the site Neowin who got pricing from a Microsoft spokesperson, Windows 10 Home is announced at 119 dollars, while Windows Pro will cost 199 dollars. Finally, it will be possible to migrate from Home to Pro for 99 dollars. No information was leaked, however, regarding European pricing.

Original article from June 1:It’s official : Windows 10 will come out July 29. Microsoft has just announced that the operating system will be available on this date for Windows 7 and 8.1 users, as well as for those who want to acquire a new computer.

Terry Myerson, Executive Vice President of the OS Division at Microsoft, just announced on the Windows Blog: “On July 29, you can get Windows 10 for PC and tablets by taking advantage of the update offer, or on a new PC with Windows 10 from your favorite retailer. If you buy a new device in Windows 8.1 between today and the day of release, you will benefit from the Windows 10 update and many stores will do it for you. »And if you have a device with Cortana (Windows Phone, Windows 10 Mobile or Windows 10), you can even hear Microsoft’s famous voice assistant give you the same answer.

Windows 10: all about the new Microsoft OS

At the same time, the merchant site Newegg proposes to reserve the operating system for those who wish to acquire an OEM version of the OS. Curiously, the shipping date is set for August 31, but there is nevertheless mention of a possible change. The version Home Windows 10 is announced at $ 109.99, while editing Pro will be marketed at $ 149.99. Prices in euros are currently unknown.

Finally, if you are a user of Windows 7 and 8.1, you should see a new little icon in the notification area right next to the time. By clicking on it, you will access an update program allowing you to “reserve” your copy of Windows 10 for free. In fact, it is above all a question of being notified by email when the OS is released. July 29. Remember that the update will be free provided you download it between July 29, 2015 and July 29, 2016.