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Magisto will allow you to make short films with lots of character. It is nevertheless regrettable that the application takes care of certain steps itself, leaving little freedom of creation. To be reserved for neophytes.

Magisto is an automatic video editing application for making short films.

To start, the application will offer to shoot the different sequences of your film, or to choose from those saved on your phone or your Google Drive account. It will also be possible to include photos in the selection.

Once the sequences have been selected, different themes (old film, summer, fashion …) will be offered. Then comes the choice of music, among those offered by the application or those saved on your phone. It only remains to determine the desired length of the final result, then press “Make my movie”. The processing time will last a few minutes.

The result is of the most beautiful effect. It will be possible to share the video on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google+ or by e-mail.

The application nevertheless suffers from some notable faults. Firstly, if your old montages are well available within the application, it will not be possible to save them in another location, unless you acquire the premium, paid version. Then, the film ends with an advertisement for the application, spoiling the atmosphere somewhat. In addition, unlike the version for iOS, the application only exists for the moment in English version. Finally, the application takes care of the selection of the shots among the videos chosen, which leaves little freedom in the creation of the film.