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macOS Mojave: removal of the “Access to my Mac” function

macOS Mojave: removal of the “Access to my Mac” function

macos 2016 iconSurprising news on the side of the new macOS Mojave version, currently in beta before availability for all. Indeed, the developers of Apple have made the choice to delete a feature, and not just any, since it is Access to my Mac.

Having been around for a while, it allowed you to give your Mac access to a third party for troubleshooting or even yourself to take control remotely.

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macOS Mojave: removal of the Access my Mac function

It is therefore officially confirmed, Access my Mac will not be available in the new version of macOS: Mojave. Indeed, absent since the first beta, we thought that its addition would be made when the publication of new updates, but it is not.

Apple has nevertheless launched a dedicated page and talks about this deletion:

The Access My Mac feature will not be available on MacOS Mojave. You can get ready right now by exploring alternatives to file access, screen sharing, and remote desktop access

An evil for a good therefore, since functionality is perfectly replaced by others, which will do the same job. Indeed, by going through the basic applications, you can go to Screen sharing to invite other users to take control or then go through the Apple Remote Desktop application (89.99 on the Mac App Store).