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macOS Mojave dj victim of a big security breach

macOS Mojave dj victim of a big security breach

Two days after its official release, it seems that the new version of macOS is already experiencing security concerns.

Bad news for Mac users and for Apple. Released officially on September 24, it didn't take long for security researchers to discover the flaws of the new macOS Mojave. In the viewfinder, access controls supposed to protect access to users' personal data. A shame since Apple had put a lot on these new access controls supposed to be more muscular than the previous ones. Indeed, the new macOS operating system involves more access controls for sensitive files and applications. Good news on paper, but in reality, these controls seem ineffective.

Digita Security Director of Security Research Patrick Wardle spoke on Twitter about how easy it is to bypass these access controls and steal a user's address book. Lexpert en scurit has indeed developed an application which he has called BreakMojave. In the video that he has post on the social network, we can see that the address book is not accessible by any other application. He will try to access it through the Terminal, but without success. We then see him open his Break Mojave application. This then bypasses the application's protection systems and copies the bulk data to the desktop.

If the security researcher has not shared the details of his application, just to make it easier for hackers, this is not very reassuring. The researcher still said that the flaw did not affect all sensitive files and applications.

Patrick Wardle alerted Apple to this security issue so that the company can correct the problem. It is hoped that Apple has taken the alert seriously and is committed to strengthening the security of its new operating system.