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macOS Catalina: how to tell if you have 32-bit apps

macOS Catalina 32-bit end: how to tell if you have 32-bit apps

As you probably know, macOS Catalina no longer supports 32-bit applications. Apple was preparing for it from macOS High Sierra, then alerts were starting to alert us when an app was 32-bit. As for iOS, es. Now that the final version of macOS Catalina is out, you probably want to update. Before switching to the new macOS, do you know which applications will be supported?

Method 1: Detect 32-bit apps simply and easily

As much as there are simple methods, there is also a long and tedious way to detect 32-bit applications. Open all your applications one by one and note those that have the pop-up telling you that [Nom de l’application] is not optimized for your Mac.

You will understand, it is not ideal. There is a utility native to your Mac allowing to know the 32-bit applications.

1.1. Open System information through Spotlight or in Finder > Applications > Utilities ;

1.2. Expand the menu Software, to the left ;

1.3. Go to Applications, look at the last column 64 bit, you can sort it by clicking on the title to classify all Yes together and all No also grouped together. The No are applications that are not 64-bit;

mac information system 64 bit macOS Catalina: how to know if you have 32 bit apps

1.4. Go to Old software, on the left to see the list of software not compatible with macOS Catalina.

Method 2: know 32-bit apps with 32-bitCheck

The Eclectic Light Company created 32-bitCheck.

With this application, you can ask him to scan the whole file Applications, and possibly other folders where you would have installed applications. Don’t hesitate to ask for an audit of all bundles. Once the scan is complete, you should have a pretty good idea of ​​the incompatible apps.

Method 3: find out if you have 32-bit apps using a command line

This method is more precise. The goal will be to turn on your Mac in “64-bit mode”. You will be able to test not only the software, applications, games, but also your pilots. You have probably thought of checking the work or game applications that you use the most. But have you thought about the drivers for your mouse? From your printer? Of your various accessories? With this mode, you can check.

3.1. Restart your Mac;

3.2. As soon as it comes back on, with its little sound, hold down cmd+ R ;

3.3. Once on the restore partition, go to the menu, at the top Utilities > Terminal ;

3.4. Enter the following command, then press the enter key on the keyboard:

nvram boot-args="-no32exec"

3.5. Restart your computer, you can use this new command then the enter key:


Your computer will no longer be able to launch 64-bit apps. Test absolutely everything you need.

3.6. To return to normal, repeat steps 3.1. to 3.3. ;

3.7. Enter this command:

nvram boot-args=""

3.8. Restart your Mac.

What to do if there are 32-bit apps

If you have detected 32-bit apps with at least one of these 3 methods, find out. Sometimes only the Launcher is 32-bit because it has been installed for a long time and, despite the updates, small bits of 32-bit are still lying around. Uninstalling and installing a new version may suffice.

By going to the publisher’s site, you can see if he intends to abandon it. In this case, either you stay on macOS Mojave, but it’s not a long-term solution, especially if you have other Apple devices. Either you install macOS Mojave on an external drive or a virtual machine. The most viable being find an alternative application.

If the publisher intends to update his product, so much the better, you just have to wait (it is not always easy) until it is up to date to switch to macOS Catalina.

Method 4: delay updating to macOS Catalina

Don’t want to update macOS Catalina immediately? Disable automatic updating. It’s very simple :

4.1. Go to > System Preferences > Software update ;

4.2. Uncheck Automatically update my Mac.

mac deactivate auto shift macOS Catalina: how to know if you have 32-bit apps

If you want something less radical, click on Advanced and uncheck only what you want.

To update you can re-activate this option or click on Upgrade Now.

Method 5: see 32-bit apps once in macOS Catalina

Unfortunately, once your computer is running macOS Catalina, you can only see the incompatibilities.

The logos of the applications still in 32 bits will be seen adorned with a large crossed out circle.

mac catalina 32 bit apps macOS Catalina: how to know if you have 32 bit apps

At launch, an error message will inform you that an update is necessary.

mac catalina 32 bit app launching macOS Catalina: how to know if you have 32 bit apps


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