macOS: a reward program for reporting security breaches

macOS: a reward program for reporting security breaches

According to Forbes magazine, Apple is about to launch a reward program for security researchers who discover and report security vulnerabilities on its macOS operating system.

At the Black Hat Las Vegas security conference this week, Apple is expected to hold a very interesting presentation for security researchers. Indeed, according to Forbes, the Californian firm would be on the verge of remembering slightly to external helpers regarding its security.

Beyond offering iPhone safety bridle to make it easier for experts to find flaws, Apple would also offer an Apple Mac bonus for anyone who discovers a security problem in macOS.

A similar program has already been launched for iOS. People who discover a security breach on the iPhone and who inform the Apple can expect to receive a reward ranging from $ 25,000 to $ 200,000 depending on the problem revealed.

For the moment, we do not yet know the amount that Apple will offer to security researchers for macOS, but it should certainly be of the same order as for iOS. When the award program – bug bounty, in jargon – was announced, many security experts were owed amounts offered by Apple.

This type of program is very interesting for Apple, but also for users since it means that the products they buy and use are safer. On the Apple side, this is the opportunity to find and fix security flaws before hackers exploit them. The bonuses are a motivation for security researchers.

We should learn more at the weekend after Ivan Krstic, Apple’s security and engineering manager, gave his talk at the Black Hat conference.