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macOS 10.14: expected iOS apps support and increased speed

The latest major version of macOS has received criticism due to several security vulnerabilities. This year, Apple intends to catch up by offering a more efficient operating system. Therefore, application support iOS may be the only notable novelty.

The information site Axios reveals that the apple brand would change its strategy regarding its operating systems. It would now focus all of its efforts to improve their quality, stability, safety and performance. By doing so, some new things would be sacrificed. Apple would postpone their availability for future major versions of its operating systems, and macOS would not escape this readjustment.

This strategy could backfire on the American tech giant. Indeed, users generally choose to upgrade to a recent OS to get new features. With this strategy, Apple could make users lose interest. However, they would certainly appreciate a more stable and efficient operating system.

Regarding macOS, the major version 10.14 should offer a notable novelty. The latter would be the support of applications iOS. This option will allow users to access their iPhone and iPad applications from an Apple computer. Information released by the New York press agency Bloomberg.