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macOS 10.13.4 is available: what’s new?

Apple’s operating systems are first available in beta before the final versions are released. The manufacturer does not usually share release notes before release. However, for macOS 10.13.4, the Cupertino company shared the changelog on the Mac App Store even before the OS was available to the general public.

New in macOS 10.13.4:

  • Support for “Business Discussions” conversations in Messages in Canada and the United States
  • Support for external graphics processors (eGPU)
  • Command + 9 switches to the rightmost tab on Safari
  • Sort tabs by name or by URL in Safari via right click
  • Fixed issue where previews of web links were displayed in Messages
  • Protection of confidential data when filling out forms in Safari
  • Display warnings in Safari’s smart search box
  • Display of additional information in the use of personal data

The macOS High Sierra 10.13.4 update can now be downloaded from the Mac App Store, via the Updates tab. It is of course free.