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macOS 10.12.4: sound issues with certain USB headsets

At the end of March, Appl released the latest update for macOS Sierra. In addition to bringing Night Shift to Mac, version 10.12.4 also fixed several security vulnerabilities. But for the past few days, some users have been complaining about a particular bug, more particularly in terms of sound on USB headsets. Many comments have been published on Apple forums and social networks on this subject.

USB headset - macOS 10.12.4: problems with sounds with certain USB headsetsThe problem does not seem to be related to a single model of Mac or to a brand of headset, and troubleshooting solutions, such as resetting the hardware or changing the USB ports, do not seem to work. Users note that reinstalling macOS 10.12.4 did not solve the problem. The only proven alternative for the moment is the return to macOS 10.12.3 or an earlier version…

Speculation is rife as to the cause of this malfunction. A considerable part of the complaints concern Plantronics hardware, the latter would not be compatible with the last update of the operating system. Other sources point to problems with the audio drivers for macOS 10.12.4. A corrective version is already in preparation.