, the Belgian specialist in Apple spare parts, the Belgian specialist in Apple spare parts

Launches in March, is the first Belgian online store specializing in spare parts for iPhone, iPad and Mac.

Genevive Hernon follows up on orders Nicolas Lambert

As soon as an Apple product is defective and its warranty period has expired, it can be interesting to repair your product yourself! And to achieve this, it is necessary to obtain spare parts and if possible, from a reliable dealer. It is with this in mind that Genevive Hernon, a dynamic quadragnarian Vervitoise, left his job as an agency manager in a private company, to embark on the challenge of creating his own e-commerce site. Specializing in spare parts for iPhone, iPad and Mac, this online store, launched three months ago, soon saw orders pour in. Today, success seems to be there since ships between 50 and 100 orders per day in Belgium and abroad. Interview with its founder Genevive Hernon.

Belgium-iPhone: How did you come up with the idea of ​​creating an online store of spare parts and accessories dedicated to Apple products?

Genevive Hernon: Basically, the first idea was to develop iPhone apps, but I had also been thinking for a while, of creating an E-business site. Insofar as I am a little too connected by my entourage, this seemed to me a good plan. A business site allows me to be on my Mac permanently, without having to justify myself. Parts and accessories for iPhone, iPad and Mac seemed to me a wise choice. Everyone has an iPhone, and as I often met people who customized, wanted to repair it themselves, it made sense that it would work.

BiP: the basics, are you passionate about Apple products?

G.H: And how! 8 years in the apple, powerbook g4 12, iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S macbook, macbook pro…. there are some to follow the keynotes! Then we find ourselves buying one or the other old Mac collection to exhibit in his office, voil! Anyway, without being passionate, you cannot work in this sector. very passionate, it helps a lot, but even if I am not an expert, far from it, it allows to better advise Internet users who contact me. It also allows you to buy better.

BiP: Your online store is now over three months old. What about today?

G.H: It starts much faster than I hoped! Although a follower of E-Commerce, I really did not suspect its real power. Between 50 and 100 packages per day at present! To Belgium, of course, but also a lot to France, and from time to time to more distant horizons, such as this week, parcels to Canada, Russia, and even Tahiti! What makes it fun is that customers come back. It also starts quite a bit from the stores and repairers, who order weekly. In short, it starts on the wheel hats! It is now necessary to keep pace, but above all, and it is the most difficult, to maintain the stock level, and to increase it, so as not to have a break, both in terms of spare parts and accessories.

BiP: In principle, what is the flow of the order process at MacManiack?

G.H: As soon as we receive the order on the site, we print and prepare the order. If the order (and payment) takes place before 2 p.m., we send the same day. Regarding payment, we work with Paypal, but also accept transfers as well as cash payment if the customer wishes to collect their order directly from Macmaniack. From 50 euros of order, delivery is free.

BiP: Are your parts guaranteed?

G.H: Of course. Any defective product is either refunded or changed, provided that it has not been subject to improper handling by the buyer. Our desire is to offer quality products, we seek 100% satisfaction among our customers. This involves a certain requirement in the research and selection of our suppliers.

BiP: Imagine that a customer wants to repair the screen of his iPhone. How much does that cost? And what is the price to replace the motherboard on your Mac?

G.H: To repair yourself the screen of your iPhone 4S for example, it takes about 35.99 (price of a full LCD touch screen for iPhone 4S). The screen is delivered with the tools necessary for its repair. For an iPhone 3G, you can count 37.99 for a full screen with chassis, lcd, Of course, you can also simply order a touch screen 9.99 or a window with chassis.

As far as Mac motherboards are concerned, it is not possible to find them, or they are used cards, which we do not want to offer. All our assortment is new, no used parts. For macs, we offer rather windows, for macbook pro, imac, charge connectors, trackpad, internal burners, batteries and chargers. These often show signs of weakness quickly and the new price at apple is a serious investment

Of course, next to spare parts for iPad, iPhone and Mac, we also offer all accessories. A tense range, with prices for all budgets.

BiP: Repairing your iPhone or Mac is everyone's door?

GH: the base may not be, but if we follow the disassembly guide, taking the time to perform each step well and not mixing all the screws, there are not enormous difficulties, except for some very specific parts or for changing a complete chassis on a 4S for example

BiP: Do you offer a repair service?

G.H: For the moment, we have written and put in different user manuals online, to change a battery, an LCD screen, But a repair service will be the next step, this is being put in place. This will allow us to cover the practically 360 sector: the sale of spare parts but also accessories, both for iPhone, iPad and Mac. And then the repair, for those who do not dare to open their machine too much.

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