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MacBook Pro with Touch Bar: Apple prepares to ship them


Posted: November 14 2016
Updated: November 14, 2016

by benjamin

This is very good news for those who ordered a new one. MacBook Pro with Touch Bar among the first. Indeed, if we are to believe the notifications received by some of them, Apple would be preparing right now to ship their package. If the order status has so far been the same, it has recently been changed to ” Preparation for shipping ” However, this only affects certain U.S. customers who ordered the basic 15-inch MacBook Pro model.

macbook pro shipment with touch bar - MacBook Pro with Touch Bar: Apple is preparing to ship themNormally, customers who have placed these orders should receive their new laptops starting this week. As expected, delivery should therefore take place between November 17th and 25th. Of course, some will have theirs sooner than others and those who have already received the notification will be able to quickly hold their MacBook Pro in their hands.

It is good to clarify that we are talking here about the new MacBook Pro that have the Touch Bar and Touch ID (the models that do not have it already available on sale since the end of October). If you want to get one, the order is made exclusively on the Apple site and delivery is within a month at present.