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MacBook Pro with Touch Bar: Apple explains the price


Posted: November 2 2016
Updated: November 2, 2016

by benjamin

Apple has set sail on its new MacBook Pro during the keynote ” Hello again Which was held at its headquarters on Thursday October 27th. As you can see, these include many new features and the integration of the bar OLED Touch Bar is certainly among the most important.

This component is located just below the screen in place of the traditional function keys and offers users multiple functions, including shortcuts. Admittedly, all these novelties have something to delight fans. However, they pushed the apple firm to significantly increase the prices of its new MacBooks.

macbook pro 2016 macos - MacBook Pro with Touch Bar: Apple explains the priceOn this subject, Apple, through Jony Ive, Phil Schiller and Craig Federighi, wanted to provide some explanations during an interview given to CNET. The three men agree that this is a big step forward in the field of technology and that the price is justified, because Apple focuses on both experience and design. Phil Schiller even says that the high prices of these new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar are not wanted, because they result from the manufacturing cost. Especially since the development of this new technology took two years for Apple engineers.

Anyway, the price of these new computers is not accessible to all. As a reminder, the price of the MacBook with Touch Bar and Touch ID starts at € 1,999 and can go up to € 4,999 depending on the options offered…