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MacBook Pro & Mac Mini: Apple to obsolete certain models


Posted: November 30 2016
Updated: November 30, 2016

by benjamin

Apple continues to clean up among its many devices released several years ago. Indeed, the Cupertino company has just announced to 9to5Mac that she would soon add some of her Mac in the product list ” obsolete

Apple clarifies that these are MacBook Pro 15 and 17 inches from 2011, from Mac mini from 2009 as well as from MacBook 13 inches from 2009. These machines will be considered obsolete from the December 31st next and will therefore no longer be supported by the apple company.

macbook mac mini obsoletes December 2016 - MacBook Pro & Mac Mini: Apple will make certain models obsoleteIn other words, Apple is no longer going to produce these computer models at all. Also, they will no longer be among the products that his after-sales service will take care of. Users will therefore be obliged, in the event of problems, to have their Mac Mini and MacBook repaired elsewhere.

For the moment, some of these products are still visible in some of the Apple stores and certain authorized resellers. However, as soon as they arrive out of stock, these old Macs will definitively disappear from the catalog of the Californian giant. This will allow the company to better promote its new machines, which offer better performance and richer features, like the new MacBook Pro 2016.