MacBook Pro Battery Replacement Program Mid-2015

macbook batterie explosion Programme de remplacement des batteries de MacBook Pro mi 2015

macbook battery explosion MacBook Pro battery replacement program mid 2015

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Following certain incidents of overheating, Apple launched a program at the end of June to replace the battery of the 15-inch MacBook Pro mid-2015 sold between September 2015 and February 2017.

mbp battery overheating MacBook Pro battery replacement program mid 2015

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If you think your Mac meets these criteria, please check with your serial number if it is eligible. It is very strongly advised to have the battery replaced following Apple’s instructions.

eligibilite mbp battery replacement MacBook Pro battery replacement program mid 2015

As part of this free battery replacement program, MacBook Pro are not sent to Apple Stores as usual in order to also protect service technicians. And this, thanks to a request from the CHST (Occupational Health and Safety Committee) of Apple Retail France. In fact, an overheating battery calls into question the safety of users and of all those who handle it.

The subcontractor is Pegatron located in the east of the Czech Republic. Your Mac’s battery replacement time is therefore longer. For good reason, the destination is far away and transportation by air is impossible.

Usually, in Apple Store, the “top case” and the battery are changed. In this program, it is not the whole upper part but only the battery is replaced.

Pegatron is held to the same level of requirement and quality of intervention as the Apple Stores. That’s why your Mac should come back to you in perfect working order and free of dust. However, it was noted that some users ended up with connectors that have not been replaced. Thus, one can suspect that all the tests were not carried out. These may be isolated cases since others had no problem returning their MacBook Pro.


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