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MacBook Pro: Apple wants to speed up production for 2017


Posted: November 9 2016
Updated: November 9, 2016

by benjamin

Upon their release, the new MacBook Pro Apple has received a lot of criticism from users and some of the Cupertino company’s competitors. We criticize these laptops for their too high prices but also the withdrawal of certain ports deemed important for users.

However, despite all these negative assessments, the apple company still seems to be optimistic about the sales of its new MacBook Pro. And for that, it would even have asked its suppliers to speed up production in order to better respond to the (strong) demands planned for next year.

Macbook pro 2016 13 15 inch - MacBook Pro: Apple wants to speed up production for 2017This information was released by the Taiwanese daily DigiTimes, and we must admit that it does not fail to surprise us. Apple expects demand for new products to increase MacBook Pro by the end of the year and these should remain high for the beginning of 2017.

We do not yet know what information or studies the company uses to draw such conclusions, but it certainly has its reasons. Always according to Digitimes, Apple thinks it can sell 15 million MacBook Pro until the end of this year and the trend would be the same for 2017. We will therefore know in a few months if the company has managed to win its bet…