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Macbook Pro: Apple reacts to keyboard problems of some users


Posted: March 28 2019
Updated: March 27, 2019

by Steve

World is Small relayed it to you a few days ago. Many users of Macbook Pro complain of persistent keyboard problems: some touch hang, others no longer work, in short, hell for a computer paid at least 1200 €. Two managers: the “Butterfly” technology of the Macbook Pro, which allows it to have a thickness barely wider than a sheet of paper; and the apple brand, which mine of nothing, on a computer of this range, had better pay attention to the technologies marketed.

MacBook Pro 2017 Butterfly Keyboard 2 739x415 - Macbook Pro: Apple reacts to keyboard problems of some users

Visibly, Apple is aware and has decided to react in the columns of the Wall street journal – the same media which distrusts Apple News +: ” We are aware that a small number of users have problems with their third generation butterfly keyboard and we are sorry. The vast majority of Mac laptop users have a positive experience with the new keyboard ” In summary: if you have a keyboard problem, it is not our fault, since the majority do not.

The first Macbook to have a butterfly keyboard is the 12-inch Macbook of 2015. It then arrived on the Macbook Pro and Air. In view of the difficulties experienced, perhaps we should market a slightly thicker, but functional computer. To do with the next Macbook, which could be released by the end of the year.