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MacBook Pro: a slowing trend because of dust

MacBook Pro: a slowing trend because of dust

If Apple prefers to get out of machines that are difficult to dismantle on its own, that does not prevent it from offering ventilations that easily overpower. A defect which slows down inevitably these.

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If you have a MacBook, you've probably already had the experience of a machine slowed down by dust heaps at the fan. Internal cleaning is therefore recommended. And if this tape could be done annually for old Macs, it would seem that it has become almost a necessity on new versions, and this, more frequently. Indeed, the ventilation system of Apple products has always tended to get dirty. A problem that we find on other laptops or not. This results in the machine slowing down or overheating.

We must therefore be attentive to the different symptoms that a breathless machine can take. In addition to a tendency to run constantly and high speeds, you can hear it spinning – a dusty Mac can manifest itself with a characteristic slowness with lower performance. A visit to the Activity Monitor will show whether or not the Mac's capabilities are normal or slowed down. The processor should show numbers above 100%, which is not a good sign.

The solution: dismantle the box and clean the fan. A maneuver that can feel complex and that can void the warranty if it was still active. It is therefore advisable to go through an expert, so as not to make mistakes. And if you are more of a handyman kind, be careful that Apple has changed the structure of its products, especially the models since 2016. A change that made disassembly by non-professionals much more difficult. Indeed, to access the ventilation grid, you will need to touch the motherboard and even remove a little glue. A tap that will void the warranty.

It is therefore risky to do it alone. Unfortunately, this is often necessary. It is advisable to go through an Apple Store, cleaning is supposed to be free. Good news since the concern is chronic and progressive. A must to offer a second youth to your Mac. A rag – well, several – and voila.

Some tips against fouling

In order to space the cleaning, we can try to reduce the presence of dust. First, consider avoiding spices with a high concentration of dust. A healthy and clean environment is essential, whether for the user or for the Mac. Then, it is highly recommended not to place the machine on a fabric surface, while ventilating, the computer could suck up microscopic fibers. Prefer hard and clean surfaces, such as an office. Also avoid cleaning with strollers which tend to make the dust fly rather than catch it.